Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Elites in Education

Photograph: James Galloway

The news that Anas Sarwar (Labour's deputy leader in Scotland) has decided to send his son to a private school in Glasgow comes as no surprise.

Because Labour's last but one leader, Iain Gray, was also educated privately at George Watson's College in Edinburgh, if I remember correctly.

So, while many Labour supporters like to make a lot of noise about the privileged upbringing of someone like David Cameron, they seem happy to turn a blind eye to the same behaviour within their own ranks - which is both odd and hypocritical. 

I sent my two children to their local primary and secondary schools and I have no idea why people spend such huge sums of money putting their children through the private education system.

If you ask me, they must have more money than sense.

Apparently the fees at Hutchesons' Grammar School, where Anas Sarwar intends to send his son, cost £8,234 a year.

But I'm scratching my head in amazement at his antics because the last time I looked there were plenty of good state schools in the local area.

In fact if I remember correctly, the Labour leader in Scotland, Johann Lamont, used to be a teacher in the south side of Glasgow before she went off to the Scottish Parliament to pursue a career as an MSP.

So, I imagine Johann will have some choice words for her deputy, Anas, and might even ask him to explain how sending his child to a private school helps the cause of social justice and local integration.