Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Shadow Leader Sent to Prisons!

Okay, so the strap line is a bit hyped up.

But the good news is that David Cameron has sacked his Shadow Leader of the House - Alan Duncan - and sent him off to be prisons minister - the political equivalent of the salt mines at Westminster.

Readers may recall that Alan Duncan said that MPs' lived on "rations" and were being treated like "shit" - see post previous dated 13 August 2009.

Mr Duncan was no doubt expressing privately held views - shared by many MPs' across all political parties.

But he put his foot in his mouth while he was a Tory front bench spokesperson - and one of the key people charged with reforming the discredited MPs' expenses system.

For his stupidity, he has now been banished to the political wilderness - and rightly so - though there's plenty more who should follow him.

Seems like there is a little justice in the world, after all.