Saturday, 21 July 2018

Glasgow's Double Standards

Senior officials in Glasgow City Council claim to have acted in 'good faith' over the introduction of the WPBR and its blatantly discriminatory 37-hour rule.

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary they insist their cockamamy pay scheme was a genuine effort to eliminate gender-based pay discrimination, yet at the same time  they refuse to answer FOI requests which would explain how senior officials conducted themselves, i.e. what they signed up to at the time the WPBR was introduced. 

The reason given for refusing my FOI requests is that this would cost the council more than £600 to provide this information - yet the council's chief executive had no qualms about authorising a £120,079 'gift' to a senior colleague so that she could access her pension early.

What does Stefan Cross QC think of this contemptible behaviour? - read on and find out.


Mark Irvine's dogged digging of this dodgy deal has exposed a number of things about GCC OFFICERS 
1. These are exactly the same officers failing to properly negotiate your entitlement 
2. The don’t half love secrecy
3 The dole out taxpayers cash very easily when it’s for one of their own
4 They demand external verification of any money to be paid to you but avoid any external scrutiny of payments to themselves 
Hypocrisy is the word that springs to mind.


EQUAL pay campaigner Mark Irvine is demanding answers from council bosses over a £120,000 payment made after the early retiral of a senior official.