Monday, 24 October 2016

Señor Guacamole

Tom Hanks took a break from his movie career to take part in this Saturday Night Live special featuring the third American presidential debate and an even more deranged than usual Donald Trump, expertly depicted by Alec Baldwin.

Baldwin even managed to poke fun at himself by listing the 'best Baldwin brother' (Steven) as one of Donald Trumps key supporters along with Sarah Palin and 'Chachi' (Scott Baio) the young cousin of the Fonz from Happy Days.

Donald Trump latest ruse is to argue that the presidential election is rigged and that everybody's against him which is true up to a point, but only because the man is a complete buffoon.

A self-styled billionaire, Trump continues to boast that he has paid no personal income taxes for many years while stubbornly refusing to publish his tax returns, unlike every other presidential candidates in modern times. 

So while I have reservations about Hillary Clinton there's no doubt which was I would cast my vote, if I had one.  


I Deeply 'Apologise' ((20/10/16)

Saturday Night Live and Alec Baldwin nail the real Donald Trump!