Saturday, 29 October 2016

Return to Weinergate

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The latest twist in America's presidential election involves the disgraced New York Congressman Anthony Weiner who shot to fame after sending a 15-year-old girl images of himself in his underpants.

Now I wrote about this at the time, but the story has moved on since because Huma Abedin (a senior aide to Hillary Clinton) is now legally separated from Mr Weiner and his wiener, presumably pending a divorce if she has any sense.

The electoral twist has come about because the FBI has decided to review emails found on a computer belonging to Mr Weiner which relate to Hillary Clinton in some way, albeit without saying whether said emails have any significance or not.

Donald Trump has seized on the issue, understandably, in a desperate attempt to bolster his flagging presidential campaign, so the heat is on the FBI to put the whole issue to bed one way or the other.


What a Knob (9 June 2011)

The biggest story in America at the moment seems to be 'Weinergate'.

The not so wholesome tale of a once respected Democratic Congressman from New York - Anthony Weiner - whose name is almost a synonym for a penis or 'wiener' as the Amercians say.

Now Mr Weiner - for reasons best known to himself - sent a text messages via Twitter to a young woman almost half his age - and attached a picture of his underpants.

The problem was that Mr Weiner (and Mr Weiner's wiener) was still in his underpants at the time.

And the offending picture fell into the hands of a blogger who spilled the beans to the world's press.

So Mr Weiner is now in the doghouse - as you can imagine - as his online exploits continued to be exposed by other women to whom he sent lewd texts or tweets.

Unsurprisingly, the Congressman is now fighting for his political life.

In a curious twist, Mr Weiner is married to Huma Abedin - deputy chief of staff to Hilary Clinton.

But I think I will have to throw up somewhere if we witness yet another example of a betrayed wife 'standing by her man' - a la Anne Sinclair in the Dominique Strauss-Khan affair.

I only hope there's not a picture of John Prescott's underpants about to emerge from cyberspace - linked to his bonking on the job with a junior, female civil servant - while 'serving' the country as Deputy Prime Minister.

Now that would be too much to bear.