Thursday, 13 October 2016

North Lanarkshire Update

A number of readers have passed on the response received from the Council's head of human resources, Anne Burns, following enquiries about their outstanding backpay.

Here are the key points of what Anne Burns had to say:

"Our payroll team have been working on this exercise among a large volume of competing equal pay settlements. I am advised that data is being made available in the course of this week.

"I can assure you that the Council has no intention of withholding any data required to conclude payment of any negotiated settlements, however, this is both an administrative and legal process."

Now I'm not aware that equal pay settlements are (or were) 'competing' with each other and the Council, of course, has know this day was coming many months ago.

So they've had plenty of time to prepare and put the resources in place for 'payroll' to get the job done on time even if that required brining in extra staff or sanctioning overtime.

In any event, let's hope everything proceeds smoothly from here although it's always worth remembering that the show's not finally over 'until the fat lady sings'.