Monday, 31 October 2016

Lying Eyes

A bus in Denmark carries an important message for Americans living abroad - Dump Trump!

Donald Trump says Clinton would let 650 million people into US in a week

Republican presidential nominee makes outlandish immigration claim at a rally in New Mexico while also stoking fears of voting fraud in Colorado

Trump: Clinton would let 650 million people into US in one week

By Ben Jacobs - The Guardian

Donald Trump falsely claimed at a rally on Sunday that Hillary Clinton wants to let “650 million people pour in” to the US and “triple the size of our country in one week”.

Speaking in an airplane hangar in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Trump again pushed his hardline immigration stance and warned of the dangers posed by what he described as Clinton’s “open borders” policy.

Trump took his alarmist rhetoric to a new height when boasting about his endorsement from the union which represents ICE and border patrol officers. He told them: “You know, it would be much easier working for Obama or working for crooked Hillary because frankly when you’re working for Hillary, she wants to let people just pour in.”