Monday, 9 November 2015

The New Politics (02/11/15)

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The Independent reports that for all his claims to represent a new kinder, gentler politics Jeremy Corbyn has got off to a rocky start following the appointment of a senior adviser, Andrew Fisher, who once described Ed Miliband's cabinet as a "collection of shites".

If you ask me, this is all descending into a nasty little game in which senior Labour figures distance themselves from their comments, past or present, as if vile attacks on follow party members or claims about the 'bravery of the IRA' are not symptoms of a deeper problem.

In other words, this new politics business is a load of old bollix.

Jeremy Corbyn faces backlash after political adviser Andrew Fisher describes Ed Miliband's cabinet as a 'collection of s****'

The former RMT activist, also referred to Tony Blair and Alastair Campbell as 'scumbags', called Jack Straw a 'vile git'

By Andy McSmith  @andymcsmith

Jeremy Corbyn at the Royal Gallery on Tuesday for the state visit of China's President Getty Images