Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Stop the STWC (02/09/14)

I published a post about the ridiculous antics of the Stop the War Coalition (STWC) the other day and then I came across this opinion piece by Rob Marchant in The Independent.

Now I don't follow developments in STWC that closely because I think they are motivated by a nasty brand of anti-western politics, but I agree with Rob Marchant that the organisation is now really against 'war' or 'wars' - they just want to pick and choose which ones they support.

So maybe the time has finally come to set up STSTWC - Stop the Stop the War Coalition.  

The Stop the War Coalition should do us all a favour and disband

Its original aims might have been noble, but it no longer represents mainstream opinion, and has been hijacked by the far-left

By ROB MARCHANT - The Independent

Medicine for the Dead (22 August 2014)

Here's an excellent article by James Bloodworth writing in The Independent which just goes to show that not everyone on the left of politics is an apologist for the increasingly ridiculous arguments of the Stop the War Coalition (STWC).

Today Isis is attacking the Middle East. Tomorrow it’ll be the West

Those who have spent the past 10 years warning against intervention need to wake up

By JAMES BLOODWORTH - The Independent