Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Question for Jeremy (31/10/15)

Prime Minister's Questions (PMQs) is on shortly in the House of Commons so I thought I would re-raise this topical point for the Labour leader to raise with David Cameron.

Jeremy Corbyn is persisting with his tactic of asking questions at Prime Minister's Question Time (PMQs) which are sent to him by 'ordinary' voters.

Here's one that draws on the experience of a typical reader in Lanarkshire.

Jeremy Corbyn:

"Prime Minister, I received a email from Margaret in Lanarkshire who says that poor advice led to her trade union making a complete horse's arse of her equal pay claim, resulting in the loss of thousands of pounds which she can ill afford as a low paid worker in Labour-run council".

"Do you think that Margaret should be able to complain about the handling of her claim to an independent referee with the power to make her financially whole again, by imposing a fine on her trade union, if necessary?"

David Cameron:

"Well, Jeremy, that's the most sensible thing I've heard from the opposition benches in a long time and I think the vast majority of union members would agree that this would be sensible and fair, brining trade unions into line with other areas of public life."

"So, I'll have my officials consider the suggestion and we'll come back to the House with proposals for taking the matter forward, on a cross-party basis."

"In the meantime, I'm sure we all feel badly for Margaret in Lanarkshire but what I don't understand is why Margaret's trade union hasn't apologised and offer to compensate her and anyone else affected in the same way."

Let's see what happens.