Monday, 2 November 2015

Overblown Demands

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The Herald reports on a strike threat at Scotland's colleges as the biggest teaching union, the EIS, demands that the pay of unprompted lecturers be levelled up to £40,386 a year - to bring everyone into line with the best paying employers.

Now at a time when public money is extremely tight and jobs are under threat in Scottish local government, I can't see how anyone could justify a 25% pay increase for a sizeable number of college lecturers.

But then again I failed to understand how the EIS could campaign in support of an extension of free school meals to people (like teachers) who are perfectly well able to pay for this service out of their own pockets.

Strike threat at Scottish colleges

Students at Scottish colleges facing disruption if strike threats go ahead.

By Andrew Denholm - Education Correspondent

COLLEGE students are facing turmoil after lecturers threatened to take industrial action over a one per cent pay rise.