Saturday, 7 November 2015

North Lanarkshire Update

The BBC reports that a senior official in North Lanarkshire has been suspended over some issues about the maintenance and accuracy of Council data on the numbers of teaching staff.

Now I don't know how serious or otherwise the issue is, but when you think that no action has been taken against any of the Council's senior officials over the scandal of equal pay, you have to wonder whether North Lanarkshire has got its priorities right.

North Lanarkshire Council official suspended in teacher numbers probe

BBC Glasgow & West Scotland

A senior official at one of the Scotland's largest local authorities has been suspended from his post.

North Lanarkshire Council is investigating concerns about information kept on teacher numbers.

A spokesman said Andrew Sutherland, executive director of learning and leisure services, had been suspended "pending an internal investigation".

He added: "The investigation concerns the maintenance and accuracy of data on numbers of teaching staff."