Friday, 20 November 2015

North Lanarkshire Update

A number of readers have been in touch about the outstanding Employment Tribunal decision affecting Classroom Assistants, Clerical Assistants and Housing Wardens in North Lanarkshire Council.

The tribunal hearing ended back in September and I reported on the position at the time, but the written decision itself has still not been issued after more than two months.

Apparently some claimants have been in touch with the Glasgow tribunal office and have been told that a decision has been 'reached', yet this information is of no use to the long-suffering claimants, if the details of the decision are not released.

Because until the decision is written up by the Employment Judge, signed off by the other tribunal members and then published - no one knows what the decision says and how the judgment affects the claimants.

Quite why there should be such lengthy delay is not at all clear, so maybe it's time for claimants to start raising their concern directly with the President of the Employment Tribunals in Scotland.