Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Looking Ridiculous

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Paul Hutcheon had an interesting story in The Sunday Herald at three weekend which told the curious tale of a trade union leader who was sacked after only 13 days in the job.

Now the 'strapline' of the piece is somewhat misleading because I'm pretty sure that the £145,000 was not a reward for Ms Mechan's short spell in her new job, but compensation for being sacked in what can only be described as the most extraordinary circumstances.

Because having been headhunted for the job in the first place, there cannot have been any 'performance' issues after less than two weeks in post and there has never been a proper explanation of events which led to the general secretary's suspension and subsequent dismissal which I wrote about on the blog site at the time (see post below - Curious Carry On).

So while it is undoubtedly a scandal that £145,000 of their members' money has gone down the drain, it's the SSTA rather than their former general secretary that looks ridiculous.    


Sacked union boss got £145,000 for 13 days work

The SSTA represents secondary school teachers

By Paul Hutcheon -  Investigations Editor