Monday, 9 November 2015

Fashionistas and Corbynistas

R2-D2 shoes

The Times reports that Labour MP, Angela Rayner, has come unstuck after throwing a tantrum over her failure to land a pair of Star Wars fashion shoes with a novelty R2D2 heel. 

Apparently, Ms Rayner is a Jeremy Corbyn supporter and former Unison rep, but on this form she has yet to master the kinder, gentler politics espoused by her leader as she berated shoe shop owner, Daniel Theophanides, in a letter written on House of Commons notepaper on which she wrote:

"I have been a customer of yours for several years and have bought many thousands of pounds worth of shoes.

"This is not the sort of service I expect. I have only ever bought your shoes and I am loath to do so again or recommend your shoes to others.

"I am writing to let you know that treating customers in that way will cost you more in the long term."

Mr Theophanies, who seems like a kind and gentle sort, responded by saying:

"I was personally very shocked. It was the wording of her letter on House of Commons headed paper. I wouldn't dream of writing a letter of complaint on company notepaper."

Ms Rayner may now face an inquiry for using official House of Commons notepaper on what was clearly something that had nothing to do with her duties as an MP.

‘Shoebacca’ strikes back over phantom Star Wars heels
Angela Rayner used Commons notepaper to berate a shop

Angela Rayner used Commons notepaper to berate a shop

By Alexi Monstrous - Special Correspondent

A Labour MP was accused last night of misusing Commons notepaper to reprimand the manager of a shoe shop for failing to reserve her a £195 pair of four-inch novelty Star Wars shoes.