Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Falkirk Council Update

A reader from Falkirk has been in touch to provide me with the following link to the web page of the local Unison branch which leads to a report from the Unison branch secretary - none other than Gray Allan.


Now I have to say I am amazed that someone can occupy a senior union position and a senior position in the Labour Party at the same time.

When I worked with NUPE (one of the partners unions that formed Unison) we occasionally had full-time officials who were elected Labour councillors.

But the potential conflict of interest between the two roles was resolved by ensuring that the individuals concerned were not allowed to represent an areas as a union officials, if the person had a role in that same area on behalf of the Labour Party as well.

In other words, a NUPE official would never have been allowed to represent union members in Glasgow City Council, if that person had a senior role in the Glasgow Labour Party or as a local Labour councillor in Glasgow.