Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Angry Mobs

I've never been a huge fan of Howard Jacobson's books, apart from The Finkler Question, but his regular columns for The Independent are different class if you ask me.

In this one he takes a well deserved stick to the 'angry mob' which responded to Germaine Greer's comments on transsexuals by calling for the author to be denied a platform and silenced from public speaking events. 

Read the full text of what Howard has to say by following this link to The Independent.

We’ve created a world of touchy fools whose only language is the internet’s yes/no, like/dislike

If Greer had called for violence towards transsexuals, it would have been right to deny her a platform. But she did not

By Howard Jacobson

Germaine Greer is not at all convinced by the goals of modern feminism Getty Images