Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Top Brass

I listened to the news reports on Sunday which showed some of the country's top soldiers and sailors in a very poor light.

Apparently various retired generals and admirals having been trying to sell their alleged expertise and knowledge - to a phoney lobbying company. 

Which begs the question:

'How could these people be in positions of such great influence and responsibility - yet be taken in by an old-fashioned and none too subtle sting operation by the Sunday Times?'

Sheer greed is the answer I can think of - because why else would these people make such complete fools of themselves.

Because although the admirals and generals are retired and enjoy generous public  pensions - they seem to have no compunction in asking for another £100,000 to act for a fictitious lobbying company - in return for a couple of days 'work' a month.

'A nice little earner', as Arthur Daly of Minder fame used to say - although that was a fictional comedy programme whose main character was always portrayed as low-life,  chancer.

Now call me mad if you like - but I always thought the point of being retired is that people leave the workforce and maybe pursue a their favourite hobbies - and perhaps put something back into society by doing unpaid voluntary work, for example.

Yet our top military brass seem only too happy hawking to be hawking themselves around to the highest bidder - when they ought to know much better.

What must the country's foot soldiers - in harm's way over in places like Afghanistan - think of the whole affair?