Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Out of Hours

A number of readers have been in touch in recent days - asking whether they can be required to attend training courses - which are organised outside of their normal working hours.

Now like everything else in life this comes down to common sense and the circumstances involved at the time - but generally speaking I would definitely say No.

Because most employees have contracted hours which state when they are required to work - or do work related things like on-the-job training.

Which means that an employer can't come along and just change things to suit themselves. 

So if I were asked to turn up for work related training outside of my normal working hours - I certainly would expect to be be paid for the additional time and expense involved.

And I would also expect the employer to consult with people over the arrangements - instead of just issuing orders and expecting people to turn up.

Since many people have other responsibilities outside of work - childcare being the obvious example and one of the main reasons why so many women work part-time.

In other words, insist on being treated properly - with respect and courtesy - and don't be pushed around.