Monday, 8 October 2012

Number Crunching

The latest edition of Private Eye contains some interesting information regarding the two Miliband brothers - Ed and David.

According to the Eye:

Number Crunching
"65% - is the percentage of Labour supporters who said they would prefer David Miliband to Ed as leader.

65k (or £65,000) - is an MP's salary at Westminster to which David Miliband has added £398,000 of extra-parliamentary earnings in the past year, which probably makes him in  no hurry to take over." 

Now as far as I can recall the Labour Party always took a dim view of MPs taking on other external roles and responsibilities - because the job of a Member of Parliament was always regarded as a full-time.

Yet two Labour MPs very close to the Labour leader - David Miliband (his older brother) and Gordon Brown (his former boss) - devote huge amounts of time to extra-curricular activities to the extent that they both operate as part-time MPs - and no one says a thing.

To my mind it makes the Labour Party look foolish and hypocritical.

Never mind whether we're all in this together - some people (who should know better) - are having a great old time by playing both sides off against the middle.