Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Double Standards

Drunken farewell: Mr Marr slips his hand inside the woman's jeans

I read a comment piece in The Guardian yesterday - by Jackie Ashley.

Now to my mind this was a boring tirade about the long running 'Police Pleb' row and why the Government chief whip - Andrew Mitchell - should be sacked, presumably for behaving badly and inappropriately in public.

Now I am not a great admirer of this Government - or its chief whip.

But I think Jackie Ashley has a bit of a cheek getting up on her moral high horse about other people's behaviour when her own husband - the BBC presenter Andrew Marr - was plastered all over the newspapers recently.

With his hands down the pants of a junior female colleague at the BBC - no wonder the Beeb is in a permanent state of crisis these days.

Not only do presenters like Andrew Marr get paid film star salaries for what they do - apparently they can also behave as they like in public (with junior colleagues) - and no one one is on a 'fizzer' first thing Monday morning.

And yes the same Andrew Marr who took out a so-called 'super injunction' last year - to prevent the press and media reporting the story of his previous adulterous affair.

Which he, and his pass remarkable wife of course, must both have found very embarrassing - otherwise why did Mr Marr try to muzzle the press and media?  

So, while Jackie stands loyally by her own man who has made a complete fool of himself and his family - she finds herself able to comment freely on other people's public behaviour.

And without a word of criticism about the antics of the appalling Police Federation - the police trade union - who are trying to turn the whole Pleb affair into a ludicrous moral crusade.

Seems like a terrible double standard - if you ask me.