Monday, 20 January 2020

Unguided Missiles (2)

A kind reader sent me this Facebook post from Donna Marie at DM Legal who seems to think she can attack people and call them nasty names with impunity on social media.

More on this subject to follow soon, but in the meantime DM seems to have taken a leaf out of an old Unison playbook with her ugly nonsense about 'English companies appearing on the scene and causing hassle for us legal companies in Scotland'.

What a load of old baloney - see posts below from the blog site archive.


Dog Whistles (29/08/13)

Here's another post from the blog site archive which, if I remember correctly, was prompted by a Scotland-wide newspaper advert from Unison.

Now strangely the advert had nothing to say anything about the situation in South Lanarkshire - where the local Unison branch actively discouraged their low paid members from pursuing equal pay claims.

Now that is funny.

But funnier still is the fact that the whole business has come back to bite them in the ass - after all these years.

Dog Whistles and Attack Adverts (15/05/09)

I’ve had lots of comments about the recent ‘attack’ advert from Unison – people are curious about their very deliberate use of the word ‘English’ in relation to Stefan Cross Solicitors.

Is the union becoming paranoid and xenophobic – because why else would they mention race and nationality - when these terms are of no relevance to equal pay?

‘Dog whistle’ politics is about sending a hidden message – one that you don’t want to admit to, up front at least, but the underlying intention is perfectly clear – emphasise a point (a negative one, of course) that you think will play to the prejudices of your audience.

In this case, a rather bizarre anti-English sentiment – it would appear - which is to be pitied, not admired.

Mark Irvine and Carol Fox are both Scottish – Stefan Cross lives and works in Newcastle, but does anyone (other than Unison) care?

We’re not motivated by people’s politics or where they come from – to paraphrase Martin Luther King: “It’s the quality of a person’s character that counts”.

As you’d expect, we’re happy to defend my colleague Stefan’s right to be English – to support Newcastle United, rather than Celtic or Rangers, Hearts or Hibs – or anyone else for that matter.

And here’s another amazing revelation - Mark Irvine was actually born in Canada - but so far at least no one has held that against him.

So, to lighten the mood we’re highlighting 10 good things to have come out of England and helped make life that little bit better for many Scots: 

1. The Road to Scotland
2. Emmeline Pankhurst – women’s rights activist and suffragette
3. Cockney Rhyming Slang
4. JRR Tolkein and “The Lord of the Rings”
5. Liverpool Football Club (1977 – 1987 vintage)
6. The Tolpuddle Martyrs – transported to Australia for trade union activity
7. The Beatles
8. The Daily Telegraph – for its scoop on MPs expenses
9. Gin and Tonic
10. Stefan Cross and Action 4 Equality

If you have any other suggestions, let us know – we’ll share the best (and worst) on the blog site.

PS If Stefan Cross had been Welsh, does anyone think Unison would have mentioned that in their advert?

Jings, Crivens and Help Ma Boab! (14/08/09)

Pssst! Have you heard the news? 

Celtic Football Club has appointed a new manager – for the 2009/10 football season.

Someone who’s not Scottish – dare we say it, the chap’s actually from................England!

As far as we know there have been no pickets at Parkhead – and, so far, no public disorder in the streets. 

But Unison (Scotland) has not spoken - yet.

And we know that the union has a bit of a chip on its shoulder about non-Scots coming up north – telling us locals what to do, how to do it and generally throwing their weight around.

So, the west of Scotland is holding its collective breath – since we all know that there must be some Celtic fans amongst the ranks of Unison (Scotchland).

Now most sane people don’t give a fig that Tony Mowbray is from the north east of England. Because what has that got to do with his ability as a football manager?

Although – you have to admit – it’s a strange coincidence that Stefan Cross hails from that part of the country as well.

So, maybe it is a conspiracy after all – for English lawyers and English footballers to subvert the established order - and seize control of the socialist republic of Caledonia.

Maybe that’s why Unison is so paranoid about where people come from - maybe the union has a point?

On the other hand – maybe they’re just all bonkers. 

Unguided Missiles (10/01/20)

I see that the resident 'unguided missile' at DM Legal Ltd has gone off on another of their ill-judged, ill-tempered rants - only this time the target is none other than Frances Stojilkovic, a long-standing champion of the fight for equal pay in Glasgow.

Now I struggle to understand how anyone in their right mind would even dream of calling Frances a 'Traitor' (see below) because Frances has done more than anyone I know to support the cause of her fellow workers in Glasgow City Council over many years.

'Selfless' and 'tireless' are the words that spring mind and I think it's fair to say that Frances and her campaign has encouraged thousands of council employees in Glasgow (trade union members and non-union members alike) to protect their interests by registering equal pay claims against the City Council.

Yet not content with this awful trash-talking, disparaging nonsense on Facebook, DM Legal Ltd go on to make a false and damaging claim about a Glasgow employee's equal pay settlement - which is of course none of their business, as well as having the disadvantage of being completely untrue.

So why do DM Legal Ltd who, in their own words, are "legally qualified professionals" think it's OK to speak in this nasty way?

I suspect we may not have heard the last of this story because if you ask me, it's completely unacceptable for supposedly professional people (and their organisations) to be so irresponsible and out of control on social media.

Meanwhile it's worth reminding readers that DM Legal Ltd have played absolutely no part in the long fight for equal pay in Glasgow City Council and are not involved in the work that is currently underway to replace the Council's 'unfit for purpose' WPBR pay scheme.


Out of Control (21/06/19)

Anyone who is dumb enough to say, in public, on social media: 

"To be honest I don't give a fuck about professionalism" 

Has a big problem if you ask me and is drawing attention to the fact that they cannot control themselves.  

For some reason I keep receiving infantile messages from these 'Facebook chancers' who tell me that they want to be taken seriously.

Yet they keep slagging off the Glasgow Claimants for accepting equal pay settlements which have been the subject of a fierce battle, both in and out of court, for the past 12 years.  

Here's another of their dumb Facebook comments: 

"I would never take any settlement knowing my friends and colleagues were only getting 5 years money and £17,000 if they were lucky." 

Now I have no idea what would drive someone to speak in such an arrogant and condescending manner, but it's embarrassing and unprofessional for sure.