Friday, 24 January 2020

Glasgow - JE Update

A4ES have been working hard to support council job holders as the job evaluation (JE) process in Glasgow begins to gather pace in 2020.

Lots of employees have concerns about what this means for their own jobs, how to answer the questionnaire with confidence and how they can apply a paper-based questionnaire to their own jobs.  

A4ES have been supporting people involved in the JE process by helping them to fill out their questionnaires and describe the full range of their duties and responsibilities.

Glasgow's job holders have welcomed this support and are happy that should they be selected for interview that they are able to speak up and contribute confidently in the assessment of their jobs.

Some job holders are concerned about putting pen to paper to fill out the questionnaire and how the questions can be applied to their job role, perhaps because their job role varies frequently throughout the working week, month or year. 

For example, a cleaner in a school may find that the level of cleaning they are required to do varies depending on the tasks the children are participating in, or in Winter, corridors require more intense applied effort due to the number of wet and mucky shoes passing through a building. 

Another example would include involves Home Carers on the First Response team who are required to attend 'mainstream clients' if there are not enough First Response clients to meet their contracted hours

Now putting all this down on paper can be quite daunting and there is some concern that the way in which information is written down may not reflect the true nature of people's jobs.

But this is where the work of A4ES and the unions comes in by giving jobholders involved in the JE process the support they require  to complete their questionnaires and take part in JE interviews.

Should you have any questions, or wish to get involved, please get in touch with Giuliana Mazzoni at: