Thursday, 23 January 2020

Freedom of Speech vs Damaging, False or Malicious Views

The Times reports that the Scottish Parliament is considering new legislation to make Scotland's defamation laws fit for the internet era.

A good thing too, if you ask me.

Defamation law change for internet era

By Lewis McKenzie - The Times

Margaret Mitchell said the internet and social media had created new challengesKEN JACK /GETTY IMAGES

Defamation law in Scotland needs to be updated to bring it into the 21st century, MSPs have said.

Holyrood’s justice committee is considering legislation to balance freedom of expression while defending people’s reputations against damaging, false or malicious views.

Members of the public, media organisations, publishers, internet companies and others have been urged to submit their views to the committee.

Its convener, the Scottish Tory MSP Margaret Mitchell, said new challenges had been created by the internet and the rise of social media. “Having previously advocated for changes to update the law on defamation, committee members will welcome the introduction of this bill to bring it into the 21st century,” she said. “New technologies, such as the internet and social media, provide new challenges.”

The Defamation and Malicious Publications Bill would reduce the timescale for launching court action from three years to one year.

Apology and Correction Duly Noted 2 (05/04/19)

Lots of people have been in touch about the apology and correction I received from Ruth Wishart - here are just some of the many comments from Glasgow's equal pay claimants. 

Let's hope that's the end of the matter, but rest assured that any more 'shenanigans' will be met with a very firm response.

What an embarrassment the woman is she should be ashamed of herself.


Good on you Mark x


Good on you Mark 👍


A joke of a journalist


That’s her told 🤔


Brilliant mark 👏👏👏👏




Well said 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


Well said Mark




I'm so glad we're on the same side 👍


And so she should!!! Apologise




Do not blog if you are not 100 per cent sure what you are saying slap it into her Mark






As we all know you don't back away when you know you are right. Brilliant, well done Mark Irvine. 👍




Well done 👏🏻👏🏻


Well done Mark. X


Well done mark xxx


A big congratulations to you 👍


Well said Mark x


Well done Mark.xx


Wonderful man YOU, 🌹🏵️💐x


Brilliant Mark x


What a guy brilliant x


Well said Mark - that's her telt



Apology and Correction Duly Noted (03/01/19)

Setting the record straight has been a feature of the long fight for equal pay - here's the latest example in which a journalist (Ruth Wishart) made some false and defamatory statements about me and Glasgow City Council's discriminatory pay arrangements.  

I'm pleased to say that Ruth agreed to correct the comments she made by issuing the following apology on her blog, Twitter and Facebook.

Mr Mark Irvine.

Since publishing my blog article “The Men Pulling The Equal Pay Strings on October 24th, I have been contacted by Mark Irvine of Action 4 Equality Scotland. 

Mr Irvine points out that he was not responsible in any way for the discriminatory pay arrangements operated by Glasgow City Council, and that he had left Unison’s Employment in November 1999, ie several years before the WPBR scheme was introduced. 

Mr Irvine has also pointed out that both he and Stefan Cross QC have played a key role in challenging and overturning the City Council’s discriminatory pay arrangements. 

I accept entirely the points that Mr Irvine has made and apologise to him without reservation. 

I am happy to set the record straight and am sharing this post with my followers on Twitter and Facebook.

Ruth Wishart

I responded to Ruth on Twitter by saying that her apology and correction were 'duly noted'.

Stefan Cross was pleased too and made his views known via the following Tweet