Wednesday, 12 July 2017

No Worries, Be Happy!

According to local newspapers the DUP councillor for Carrick in Northern Ireland, Cllr Billy Ashe, had no concerns about the proximity of this giant loyalist bonfire next to a TOPAZ petrol station.

And just in case any readers are naïve enough to think these bonfires are an acceptable part of Ireland's cultural heritage, here's one that contains an ugly, hateful and racist message directed at a Scottish football player. 

High time that the authorities in Northern Ireland and politicians of all parties agreed to tackle this vile sectarian behaviour.


Carrickfergus (07/09/17)

I had never heard Loudon Wainwright III sing a Irish folk song until the other day when I came across this delightful offering - 'Carrickfergus'.

The legendary American songsmith often writes about love and loss, but his songs normally deal with contemporary events surrounding his own life and times.

So I was surprised to hear Loudon Wainwright sing a traditional Irish ballad although to be fair he does the song justice.