Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Glasgow and Equal Pay

A reader from Glasgow sent me an email the other day about an unsolicited letter from the law firm Dallas McMillan. 

Hi Mark

I thought I'd let you know that just before I chucked my letter from DM in the bin the following words caught my eye:

"If we are successful with your claim, you would receive 80% of your settlement sum. The balance of 20% would pay our legal fees in full."

Just goes to show that Action 4 Equality Scotland represents great value for money!


Well there you go - I couldn't have put it better myself.


Glasgow and Equal Pay (22/07/17)

A reader from Glasgow has been in touch to ask if i know anything about the Dallas McMillan law firm which has appeared on the scene in recent days.

I don't know much I'm afraid other than what anyone can read via the internet, but I do know that Dallas McMillan has not been involved in any of the big equal pay battles with the City Council including the recent hearing at the Court of Session in Edinburgh, Scotland's highest civil court. 

So, as I said in a post on the blog site the other day, if you are an existing client of Action 4 Equality Scotland and receive an unsolicited letter from Dallas McMillan, or anyone else for that matter, just throw it in the bin.

Because your equal pay claim is in good hands which explains why over 80% of claimants in Glasgow are clients of Action 4 Equality Scotland.


Glasgow and Equal Pay (20/07/17)

A number of readers from Glasgow have been in touch to say that they have received unsolicited letters from a law firm called Dallas McMillan - encouraging them to 'sign up' with Dallas McMillan to pursue an equal pay claim.

The individuals involved are all existing clients of Action 4 Equal Scotland (A4ES) and are a bit confused as to why they are receiving unsolicited correspondence from Dallas McMillan.

Now I can't speak for Dallas McMillan, but I can say that existing A4ES clients should just ignore these letters and throw the documents in the bin.