Saturday, 1 July 2017

Best in the West?

Domestic Fridge repaired by Western Regrigeration

I had a problem with my fridge/freezer the other day and didn't know what to do other than turn to the internet for help, because I am completely hopeless when it comes to dealing with anything of a mechanical nature.    

But lo and behold the worldwide web really delivered the goods by putting me in touch with a really nice, professional chap called Ian Patterson, an engineer to trade and the brains behind Western Refrigeration (Scotland) Ltd, a local Carluke based company. 

A visit was arranged for the next day, Ian phoned 30 minutes ahead of his arrival, the problem was quickly diagnosed and repaired - all at a very reasonable cost, I have to say.

So I am pleased to recommend Ian Patterson to any readers facing a similar dilemma - his company provides a service in the Glasgow and Lanarkshire areas and can be contacted via its web site at:

A recommendation based on people's personal experiences is always best if you ask me which helps explain why Action 4 Equality Scotland is 'streets ahead' of everyone else when it comes to dealing with equal pay - in my opinion at least.