Thursday, 22 June 2017

The Fight for Equal Pay

Lots of readers from Glasgow contact me on a daily basis asking for an 'update' on the fight for equal pay with the City Council - even though I update my blog site several times a week.

Here's what I said in response to one reader recently, the upshot being that my blog site is the best and most reliable source of information on equal pay - even though I say so myself.

Hi P

The Fight for Equal Pay in Glasgow City Council

Unfortunately, I can't give every individual A4ES client in Glasgow a personal update on equal pay - that's what my blog site is for because this can reach thousands of readers in a single post.

I don't know who told you a settlement was only weeks away, but whoever it was they are talking nonsense.

The new leadership of Glasgow City Council has signalled its intention to negotiate a settlement of the outstanding equal pay claims, but these talks have still to get off the ground.

A4ES is pushing for settlement talks to begin in earnest, as soon as possible, although this will require an open and transparent approach on a wide range of issues relating to the Glasgow's pay arrangements.

For example, on the provision of detailed pay information about the workings of the WPBR scheme, the Employee Development Commitment and Pay Protection Scheme which City Council officials have been very reluctant to share up until now. 

All the latest information about the fight for equal pay in Glasgow is on my blog site which gets updated on a regular basis, as you probably know.

So keep your eyes on the blog and don't listen to the rumour mill - the address of my blog site is:

If in doubt, you can always drop me a note or, better still, send an email to:

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The point being that if I get any new information on Glasgow, I won't be keeping this all to myself but will share the news on the blog site as I've always done before.


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Glasgow and Equal Pay (25/05/17)

I received an email the other day from a reader in Glasgow asking if I could send out updates by post, for the benefit of people who don't have access to the internet. 

Here's what I said in reply:

Hi Ann

I update my blog site several times a week, as you probably know, so it's really not possible for me to produce separate briefings for individuals or small groups - I just don't have the time.

I also do put all the equal pay blog posts on Twitter and Facebook.

So anyone with a mobile phone (which is just about everyone these days) can follow me on Twitter or Facebook and get access to my blog site that way.

Here's my Twitter address -  - and a quick search on Facebook will bring up my A4ES pages. 

Hope that helps.

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So for anyone who doesn't have a computer-based internet access at home - there is more than one way to skin this cat by using Twitter and Facebook.