Thursday, 22 June 2017

Glasgow Equal Pay News

For some reason there's been a flurry of emails from people in Glasgow asking if their completed A4ES paperwork has been received.

Now people can check this for themselves simply by sending an email with your full name, address, post code and National Insurance number to:

Just ask for confirmation that your paperwork has been received and someone will get back to you to put your mind at rest.

Once your records are on the system, clients can update their details as necessary via the A4ES web site - see blog post below.


A4ES - Checking Your Details

Lots of readers from Glasgow have been in touch recently to check on the status of their equal pay claims with Action 4 Equality Scotland (A4ES) and/or to update their personal details on the A4ES records system.

You can now check things for yourself and update you personal details, as necessary, via the following link to the A4ES web site: 

Choose the 'Client Checker' tab from the drop down menu and enter the information requested, including your National Insurance number, and the system will confirm if you already have an qual pay claim registered with A4ES.

If your personal records need updating, you can do this easily by sending a separate email to: