Friday, 9 June 2017

Glasgow Equal Pay News

Lots of readers are getting in touch to share their experiences of how the local unions in Glasgow have behaved during the long fight for equal pay.

Here's one reader's tale which I have edited slightly to protect the person's identity.


I have worked for the council for 12 years, joining as a Clerical Officer in 2005. 

I was going to complete paperwork and register and equal pay claim when the Workforce Pay and Benefits Review was in its initial stages.

However my line manager who was also my Union rep told me not to bother and I didn’t ever submit a claim.

My colleagues have told me to get in touch to find out if I am entitled to claim. I am now looking for a bit of sound advice on where I stand?



Now I have to admit I am shocked that a local union rep could give such terrible advice and I suspect the union involved was Unison because the GMB and Unite have very few members amongst the City Council's clerical staff.

But what the reader and anyone else in the same position should do is to register an equal pay claim now - in an effort to repair at least some of the damage.

 The union involved should, of course, hang its head in shame.