Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Glasgow Equal Pay News

A number of A4ES clients have been in touch to say that they have received another unsolicited letter from the GMB union, via something called UnionLine, enclosing an ET1 form which is blank except for the City Council's address. 

As I've said previously, there is no need for A4ES clients to do anything about these letters except perhaps to thrown them in the bin. 

For reasons known only to itself, the GMB union keeps writing to long-standing clients whom A4ES has been representing for years, in many cases, and some people understandably get anxious when they receive this kind of correspondence right out of the blue. 

A4ES will be in touch directly with everyone who has received one of these 'nuisance' letters and will deal with any issues that need to be clarified with the Employment Tribunals.  


Glasgow Equal Pay News (25/06/17)

The GMB in Glasgow is proving to be a bit of a nuisance because the union keeps sending unsolicited letters to A4ES clients - even when they are no longer members of the GMB!

Here's what one person had to say recently to Karl in the A4ES office: 

Thanks very much for the call back today.

When I contacted GMB they claimed the union was also representing me, but this is definitely not the case as you confirmed to me today that Action 4 Equality Scotland and Stefan Cross have been pursuing my equal pay claim for the past 12 years.

GMB are now requesting I write to them and ask that they no longer are expected to represent me. This doesn't seem right considering I'm being represented by yourself?

Bottom line is I want to ensure it's yourselves representing me and would appreciate if you could reply to this email to settle my mind.

Best Regards


Now as I said in a previous post (see below), the best thing A4ES client can do with any unsolicited letters from the GMB is to ignore them - chuck them in the bin if you like!

Action 4 Equality Scotland will deal with this on your behalf and there is no need for A4ES clients to explain anything to the GMB.

So just sit tight and keep you eye on the blog site for the latest news on the blog site for all the latest news on the fight for equal pay in Glasgow City Council.