Friday, 7 April 2017

Trump's Poll Ratings

An American cartoonist on Donald Trump's plummeting approval ratings.

But who knows, after Trump's relentlessly negative criticism of Barack Obama and his opposition to 'foreign adventures' I think it's odds one that President Trump will authorise military strikes in an effort to try and turn his political fortunes around.

The problem is that having a 'loose cannon' in the White House is no substitute for having a sober and serious foreign policy, as opposed to a dumb campaign slogan of 'Make America Great Again'. 

Twitter Nails Trump (06/04/17)

Brian Klass calls out Donald Trump on his favourite medium social media platform - Twitter - over his shameless and hypocritical behaviour in relation to Syria and the murderous regime of President Bashar al-Assad. 

BREAKING: Hypocrite who repeatedly called for inaction in Syria now blames current situation on inaction in Syria.

Bashar al-Assad's tyrannical regime is of course being supported and propped up by Donald Trump's favourite world leader, Russia's Vladimir Putin.


Trump the Shameless Liar (05/04/17)

Donald Trump issued a press statement yesterday on the chemical attack in Syria which contained 77 words - 37 of them were directed against the murderous regime of President Bashar al Assad, but more words (40 in total) were spent on attacking his predecessor, President Barack Obama. 

Yet this is not what candidate Donald Trump was saying in the years before the presidential election when difficult decisions were being made - in fact Trump was saying the exact opposite. 

Which is why all decent Americans, regardless of their politics, gender, race, religious or other beliefs should be very concerned that their so-called President is a shameless, calculating liar.