Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Glasgow MSPs and MPs

James Dornan is the latest MSP to get in touch over the fight for equal pay with Glasgow City Council and he has also submitted the following written question to the Scottish Government.

"To ask the Scottish Government what action it can take to ensure that local authorities should meet their moral and legal obligations in settling equal pay claims, and what discussions it has had with Glasgow City Council regarding this."

James is the MSP for Glasgow Cathcart and as regular readers know he met recently with a group of Home Carers from the south side of Glasgow.

I look forward to hearing what the Scottish Government has to say and I plan to publish all of the responses I've received from Glasgow MSPs/MPs next week ahead of Thursday's local council elections. 

Let's hope the winds of change blow away the present Labour-run administration which has had every opportunity to settle the issue of equal pay long before polling day!


Glasgow and Equal Pay (22/05/17)

A group of Home Carers from the south side of Glasgow have been in touch to say they had a very good meeting with their local MSP yesterday - James Dornan, the member for Glasgow Cathcart.

The Home Carers came away very buoyed-up after their discussion with their MSP who has agreed to lend his weight to the fight for equal pay with Glasgow City Council in the weeks ahead. 

So let's hope that other Glasgow politicians follow James Dornan's lead and that more and more equal pay claimants contact their local MSPs and MPs for support in the run-up to the local elections on 4th May 2017.

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Glasgow MSPs and MPs (21/03/17)

I tweeted a copy of yesterday's post about the fight for equal pay with Labour-run Glasgow City Council to all Glasgow MSPs and MPs - 15 in total all of whom support the SNP. 

In my tweet I asked the following question:

"How is it possible that Glasgow's Home Carers are worth thousands of pounds a year less than a Council Gravedigger?"

So let's see what Glasgow's politicians have to say in support of their constituents because a quick look at their Twitter feed shows that that have plenty to say on lots of other important subjects.  

In which case getting behind the fight for equal pay in Glasgow ought to be a real 'doddle'.


Glasgow MSPs and MPs (10/02/17)

I've had lots of emails from readers in Glasgow asking how they can help to hold the City Council to account in the fight for equal pay.

Well one of the most effective things people can do is to contact their local MSP or MP and ask for their support.

I wrote to all Glasgow MSPs and MPs just the other day, so they are bang up to date with all the latest developments and Glasgow's local politicians have plenty to say at the moment.

For example, on the Council Tax and local council budgets, to the closure of job centres or the impact of a higher retirement age for women (also known as the WASPI campaign).

So the fight for equal pay which affects thousands of low paid women across Glasgow ought to be right up their street and I think it would be perfectly reasonable to ask local MSPs and MPs:
  1. What are MSPs and MPs doing and saying publicly to support their local constituents in the fight for equal pay with Glasgow City Council?
  2. Do MSPs and MPs support the demand that Glasgow City Council ought to 'open the books' and explain the pay arrangements that were put in place following the WPBR in 2006/07?
Now that would do for starters and as MSPs and MPs are adept at getting the press and media involved, this will obviously help turn the heat up on Glasgow City Council in the run-up to the local council elections on 4 May 2017.

More to follow soon, but in the meantime here's a handy list of names and email addresses.

Keep me posted and I'll share what people have to say on the blog site (without mentioning any personal details, of course).

Remember, many hands make light work - so go to it, get your arse in gear Glasgow!

Glasgow MSPs (Scottish Parliament)

Glasgow MPs (Westminster Parliament)