Saturday, 15 April 2017

Glasgow and Equal Pay

Another two of Glasgow's politicians have been in touch over the fight for equal pay with the City Council - Ivan McKee the MSP for Glasgow Provan and Patrick Grady the Westminster MP for Glasgow North.

The SNP group has indeed made a manifesto commitment about equal pay which I'll post on the blog in the next day or two.

In the meantime here is what Ivan McKee and Patrick Grady had to say.

Dear Mark

Thank you for your email.

Like Councillor Susan Aitken I too find the handling of the equal pay issue by the current City council to be disgraceful.

I welcome the commitment by the SNP group on the Council to bring this issue to a speedy and satisfactory resolution after 4th May.

Best regards


Ivan McKee

MSP for Glasgow Provan

Thanks Mark.  

I fully support the statement by Susan Aitken and the SNP Council Group’s pledge to work with trade unions, and others representing women who were victims of discriminatory pay policies, with the aim of resolving and settling all outstanding equal pay claims within the coming Council term.


Patrick Grady 

MP for Glasgow North


Glasgow and Equal Pay (13/04/17)

My own local MSP John Mason was first 'out of the starting blocks' in responding to my recent email about the fight for equal pay with Labour-run Glasgow City Council. 

Here is what John had to say:

Thanks Mark

When I was a councillor in Glasgow (up to 2008) the Equal Pay dispute was on the agenda and it is incredibly disappointing that it has still not been settled.

I sit on the Scottish Parliament’s Economy Committee and we are currently conducting an inquiry into the Gender Pay Gap. It is clear that it is not just that a man and a woman doing the same job must be paid the same wage, but that women must have equal opportunities for promotion and not be disadvantaged for taking career breaks. Also sectors which are dominated by women should not be paid less than sectors dominated by men.

Obviously certain questions arise if extra money has to be found to pay the women who have lost out. Will Glasgow have to find matching savings by cutting other services? However it is to be done, I would urge a settlement of this dispute and that all Council staff be treated equally.



John Mason

MSP for Glasgow Shettleston

Now the Scottish Government has previously allowed local councils to additional 'borrowing consents' to meet their equal pay obligations although, as far as I know, no Labour-controlled councils have ever taken this offer up, certainly not the big players in Glasgow and Lanarkshire.

Presumably because they would have to 'open the books' and explain what their spending priorities have been all these years which I imagine they wouldn't take too kindly to with an SNP Government in charge at Holyrood.

In ant event, John Mason has got things off to a good start - let's hope more MSPs and MPs follow suit in the days ahead.