Saturday, 8 April 2017

Bridge Over the River Clyde

Here's another photo of the Albert Bridge over the River Clyde shot from the bridge itself and featuring Glasgow's coat of arms and its patron saint - Saint Kentigern or Saint Mungo as he's more commonly known.


Bridge Over the River Clyde (29/03/17)

I don't have a good word to say about Glasgow City Council too often these days because council bosses certainly get the Dunce's Cap when it comes to their appalling handling of equal pay.

But I like to give credit where it's due and I have to say that the City Council has done a fine job of restoring to its former glory - the magnificent Albert Bridge over the River Clyde.

The bridge links the south side of Glasgow with the famous High Street and Saltmarket areas of the city; the structure is built upon concrete piers connected by cast iron 'caissons' which have all been painstakingly cleaned and repainted with their original, historic coats of arms.

Most Glaswegians probably don't know that the bridge was named after Prince Albert, the husband and consort to Queen Victoria who has her own (and far less impressive) 'Victoria Bridge' just a hundred metres or so further down the Clyde.

Apparently the Albert Bridge cost the taxpayers over £2 million to restore and it's well worth a visit, if you ask me, to see Victorian engineering at its best.