Monday, 6 February 2017

Republican Joker

Zach Braff is probably best known for his starring ole in the hit American TV series Scrubs which told the everyday but often wacky story of the staff at the fictional Sacred heart teaching hospital. 

Zach Braff played the character Dr John Dorian although he popped up on Twitter the other day with this great put-done of Republican Governor Mike Huckabee who regards himself as a 'good Christian' by the way.

Senator Schumer became emotional the other day and nearly broke down as he promised to "claw, scrap and fight" to overturn Donald Trump's refugee ban although as Zach Braff pointed out on Twitter he had good reason to feel so strongly given that his family was murdered by the Nazis.

Governor Huckabee also linked his dumb joke to the movie 'Boys Don't Cry' which as Zach Braff pointed out focused on the cruel murder of a transgender boy.

Funny how the 'good Christian' right often have such ugly thoughts in their heads -  anyone else reminded of the terrible hypocrisy portrayed in 'American Beauty'? 

His family was murdered in the Holocaust. That's a movie about killing a transgender boy. You nailed this joke.

Breaking news from Hollywood! Sen. Chuck Schumer cast in lead role for remake of "Boys Don't Cry."