Monday, 20 February 2017

Just Eat It

Icelanders eat just about anything, but draw the line at cats and kittens in this spoof video poking fun at Donald Trump. 


So Good (19/02/17)

Donald Trump may be a petulant, thin-skinned, self-obsessed, narcissist but on the plus side he has spawned a host of hilarious adverts spoofing his 'America First' message.

Incredible, so incredible.


Weird Al Yankovic (21/08/14)

Weird Al Yankovic hit the big time with his parody of the Michael Jackson hit song 'Beat It' which he turned into a quite different number all about the joys, or otherwise, of eating food.

But Weird Al has been around for a long time as this article from The Guardian explains and I first remember him performing another clever offering entitled 'Steal Things From Work'.

So I was pleased to hear that he has finally broken through in America because he thoroughly deserves his success and wider recognition after all this time.

Weird Al Yankovic: 'I think Robin Thicke was glad I just mocked his grammar'

After 30 years in the music business, Weird Al Yankovic has finally broken through. Hadley Freeman asks the cult hero what it's like to be number one

By Hadley Freemann- The Guardian

The nicest guy in the world? … Weird Al Yankovic. Photograph: Johnny Nunez/WireImage

"If you'd asked me 30 years ago whether I'd still be making parody albums, I'd have laughed," Weird Al Yankovic chortles. "And if you said the records would be selling more than ever, I'd have thought you were crazy."

The past few weeks, however, have been the busiest of Yankovic's platinum record-studded career. His latest album, Mandatory Fun, entered the US charts at No 1, his first ever, and the first comedy album to reach such heights for over half a century. When he found out on an American talkshow, his eyes welled up with joy.

How did he celebrate?

"I had a burrito."

It feels apt that Yankovic marked the event by eating, considering he originally made his name with food-based parody songs. There was My Bologna, his take on The Knack's My Sharona, and then his breakthrough song and video in 1984, Eat It, a shot-for-shot parody of Michael Jackson's Beat It.

"People talk about overnight fame and usually that's an exaggeration, but in this case it really wasn't. MTV put the video on eight times a day, and it got very odd: as a person who was fairly anonymous his whole life, I'd suddenly be walking down the street and having people stare at me." To this day, one of the most thrilling-slash-weird moments of his thrilling-slash-weird career is from that era, when he was invited to a party in Beverly Hills for Paul McCartney, one of his great musical heroes. The publicist warned him beforehand that there was no chance he could meet McCartney. But, with the wiliness that would characterise his career, Yankovic squeezed his way through the crowd and tapped McCartney's shoulder.

"Oh, Weird Al!" cried McCartney, before turning to his wife Linda. "Look, honey, it's Weird Al!"

"I basically exploded on the spot," Yankovic happily recalls.