Monday, 12 October 2015

Witchhunt in Westminster

In one of his regular columns for The Times newspaper, David Aaronovitch set out in forensic detail the shameless behaviour of Tom Watson MP who has tried his best to make political capital out of wild allegations of child abuse. 

As I said on the blog site the other day, Watson now claims that he was doing his job in reporting these allegations to the police and prosecuting authorities, but that conveniently fails to explain his reckless public statements such as the one made under privilege in the House of Commons where the Labour MP suggested the existence of a: “powerful paedophile network linked to parliament and No 10”.

I haven't seen the BBC Panorama programme which seems to have exposed the  'Westminster paedo' allegations as malicious lies, but as David Aaronovitch explains just before this went on air the Met Police confirmed their inquiries had ceased for the want of credible evidence.

So it seems that having made a name for himself by attacking phone hacking, shoddy journalism and biased reporting at the now defunct News of the World, Tom Watson has sunk to the same appalling standards with his politically motivated 'Westminster paedo' campaign.

Injustice followed a dying man to his grave