Friday, 23 October 2015

Talk Talk

I have been complaining to Talk Talk, of and on, for most of 2015 following a 'scam' phone call in November of last year.

Now scam phone calls happen all the time, but my dissatisfaction with Talk Talk was that the chap who called me had my Talk Talk account number and other personal details, for example my telephone number.

"How could this happen?", was my question to the Talk Talk chief executive Dido Harding and all these months later I am none the wiser, even though I was assured at the time that a major investigation was underway.

So the latest news about a major cyber attack on Talk Talk comes as no surprise to me because their security systems seem not to be up to scratch and the company can't say it wasn't warned.

My next port of call will be to complain to the industry regulator, Ofcom, and isn't it good to know that there is an independent referee I can contact when things go wrong.

All of which reinforces the message behind my campaign to Make Unions More Accountable (MUMA).