Friday, 23 October 2015

Talk Talk (07/12/15)

I had a strange call from someone purporting to be from Talk Talk the other day who wanted to engage me in conversation about and alleged problem with my internet connection.

Now the chap's first language was clearly not English which is not unusual in the telecoms business, but this completely unsolicited call put me on my guard even though he seemed to have my Talk Talk account details.

So I asked Mr Caller to explain exactly who he was, job title, where he was calling from and a number I could call back on to ensure he was 'legit' and not some scammer.  

At which point the young chap told me to "F*** off" and hung up, but my instincts proved correct because when I checked the return number for Mr Caller had been withheld.

A short time later I wrote by email to the chief executive of Talk Talk in the UK who is now dealing with the matter on my behalf.

Because there seems to have been a troubling security breach along the line somewhere, if Mr Caller has been able to get his hands on my Talk Talk account number.  

So all's well that ends well, but keep your eyes and ears out for these low life scammers and if you want my advice, never give out information over the telephone without knowing for certain with whom you are talking - or Talk Talking for that matter.

And while I'm on the subject has anyone ever tried dealing with Talk Talk customer relations?

In my view it's waste of time and they are worse than useless because I've been trying to change my billing arrangements for months without any success, although I took the opportunity to pass this on to the Talk Talk chief executive (Dido Harding) in my email.

So we'll see what happens now.