Monday, 12 October 2015

Spitting Images

A YouTube clip of Labour's John McDonnell is doing the rounds at the moment, no doubt boosted by the reports of journalists and delegates being spat upon while attending the recent Conservative Party conference in Manchester.

Now I've been involved in plenty of strikes and industrial disputes in my time, but if you ask me there's nothing remotely funny about spitting and there's something wrong with people who condone or encourage such behaviour.

But that's exactly what John McDonnell is doing here and the peculiar thing is that the Labour Party thinks this man should be in charge of running the UK economy. 

"Speaking at an “anti-cuts” rally in April 2011, John McDonnell of Labour hails a P&O worker who spits in the managers’ tea every day. He then says “It’s that form of “we’re not taking it anymore and we’re gonna give it back” I think builds up a climate of opinion, a climate of dissent, which I actually think, when combined with industrial action, will produce a tipping point that will force this government out of office and that’s got to be our objective.”

Juvenile or what?

Although it should be noted that the Labour MP for Hayes and Harlington is 64 years old, so he's 'fully cooked' now  that's for sure.