Friday, 23 October 2015

South Lanarkshire Update

I received the following enquiry from a regular reader from South Lanarkshire on the subject of my petition to Make Unions More Accountable'.

Hi Mark,

I have a good friend who believed her union would stand by her, therefore did not make an equal pay claim against South Lanarkshire Council.  

She is now seeking independent legal advice and asks if she can sign your Petition.



Well of, course, she can - anyone who is a UK resident can sign the petition!

In fact, this woman is the perfect example of someone who would benefit from having access to an independent complaints process because she appears to have lost out financially after following her trade union's advice.  

In this day and age it's ridiculous, if you ask me, that everyone from from doctors, lawyers, bankers, nurses, teachers, police officers and property managers are all independently regulated.

Yet when it comes to complaints from ordinary members - big, powerful and well-resourced  union bureaucracies investigate themselves.

And I suspect that the vast majority of trade unions members agree.