Sunday, 18 October 2015

Russian Fairy Lights

The blog site gets lots of visitors from countries outside the UK, but over the past few days Russia has 'burst into fairy lights', so to speak.

Now I've been to Russia many years ago when it was still part of the Soviet Union and I visited the world famous Hermitage Museum in Leningrad what has since been renamed as  St Petersburg.

I've never been back to Russia in over forty years and though I'd like to make a return trip at some stage, I can't see myself doing so while President Putin remains in power.

Because the former KGB officer presides over a nominally democratic country in which a particularly ugly form of 'gangster capitalism' holds sway and which results in many of President Putin's political rivals meeting strange and untimely deaths.

So I hope the new Russian readers to the blog site are progressive, open minded and liberal in their outlook otherwise I'll have to start checking my drinks for traces of radioactive Polonium 210.