Thursday, 29 October 2015

Rights and Wrongs

The Independent picks up on an issue I raised in a post the other day regarding the  
prospect of a political battle over abortion laws in the Scottish Parliament.


Now the thing is that John Mason MSP has the exact same attitude over assisted dying which he's opposed to in principle, for religious reasons, while hiding his real objections behind nonsensical arguments about protecting the weak and vulnerable in society.

The fact is that very few late abortions are carried out these days and when such an event occurs it's normally triggered when a serious foetal abnormality is discovered when the pregnancy is advanced.

Or when a woman does not know she is pregnant, most commonly in women in their forties who think that the lack of periods is the menopause, or young women who do not realise they are pregnant.  

In both cases late abortions are only legal up to 24 weeks of pregnancy.

But religious fundamentalists are opposed to all forms of 'abortion', in principle, even the morning after pill, and that's why their siren voices about changes in the law should be resisted by everyone who agrees that a woman (or a young girl) ought to be able to decide, in certain circumstances, whether she wants to have a child.