Saturday, 31 October 2015

North Lanarkshire Update

I was contacted by a GMB member a little while back who is now retired, but worked previously for many years with North Lanarkshire Council.  

The chap had just returned from holiday to find a letter from Digby Brown (the GMB's solicitors until recently) which said that they (i.e. DB) had been informed by the GMB that his union membership had lapsed, as he was no longer paying membership fees via his council wages.

As a result, having retired in 2012 this long standing member was told 
that the GMB would only continue with his equal pay claim against North Lanarkshire Council if he agreed to pay £441.05 in union membership arrears.

Now I said at t he time that I thought the GMB's behaviour was completely outrageous, a modern-day version of highway robbery.

Not least the union could easily have regarded the chap as a 'retired' member which would have allowed the GMB to continue representing his interests without demanding any further payment of union fees.

So I'm pleased to report that having stood up for himself and complained vigorously the GMB has now backed down and dropped its ridiculous demands.

Which is a small victory for common sense even though the union has, of course, made a terrible mess of handling its members equal pay claims against North Lanarkshire Council.