Wednesday, 28 October 2015

North Lanarkshire Update

I've received lots of enquiries from angry GMB members in North Lanarkshire who are upset at the way their equal pay claims against the council have been handled.

Understandably, people are confused at the fact that their claims have suddenly switched from Digby Brown solicitors, who had been handling the cases up until recently, but without any proper explanation from Digby Brown or the GMB.

Regular readers of the blog site know that trade unions like the GMB do not (currently) have to answer to an independent complaints process, but solicitors do and in Scotland the 'referee' is the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission (SLCC). 

Before a complaint can be raised with the SLCC, however, an unhappy client has to first of all complain to the solicitor and/or law firm dealing with their case. 

So, if I were a dissatisfied GMB member in North Lanarkshire, here are some points I would make to Digby Brown: 
  • I would like to complain about Digby Brown's handling of my equal pay claim against North Lanarkshire Council.
  • I believe I am owed a detailed explanation regarding Digby Brown ceasing to act for me and the reasons why my claim was restricted to only three years in the first place, unlike all the other claimant organisations.
  • I am also concerned about a potential conflict of interest because Digby Brown took this decision without first of all consulting me, as its client, and appears to be taking instructions in this matter from a third party, the GMB, rather than myself.  
  • Please provide me with:
  • a) a copy of my file so that I can understand the work you have done on my behalf
  • b) a copy of the amended pleadings regarding my case which have been submitted to the Employment Tribunals
  • Please note that if I do not receive a satisfactory answer, I will consider making a complaint to the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission (SLCC).