Thursday, 15 October 2015

NLC Update (14/10/15)

A contact of mine in the GMB has been in touch to say that the GMB has 'parted company' with Digby Brown, the law firm responsible for dealing with the equal pay claims of union members in North Lanarkshire Council.  

I can find no confirmation of this news on either the GMB or the Digby Brown web sites, so let's wait and see for sure.

Apparently, letters are being sent out to GMB members within the next few days to explain what's going on. 

If so, I imagine this will raise lots of questions as well as providing some answers because up until now the GMB has insisted that the decision to restrict its members equal pay claims to only 3 years was the result of a national GMB policy.

Now no one that I know has seen this 'policy' although maybe all will made clear in the correspondence to members from the new acting GMB regional secretary, Gary Smith.