Saturday, 17 October 2015

Fishes and Bicycles (19/05/2014)

I wouldn't cross the road to listen to George Galloway - far less spend £11.

Which only goes to show that there can't be a really serious cost of living crisis in the UK, if lots of people are daft enough to hand over some of their hard earned cash, as reported in this opinion piece by Zoe Williams in The Guardian.

Now the last time George put his politics to the test in Scotland, the down to earth voters of Glasgow were immune to his 'charms' and gave him the cold shoulder, politically speaking 

So why should it be any different when it comes to GG's views on independence?

Likewise with Nigel Farage who is doing rather well across large swathes of England and Wales, but that's really because the Westminster Parliament is held in such poor regard by the voters these days, which is where George has plied his trade for years, of course.

Yet I don't expect UKIP to breakthrough in Scotland during the European elections and they certainly are not having anything like the same impact on politics north of the border, if recent opinion polls are to be believed.

But I do agree with Zoe Williams about the likely turnout in Scotland's independence referendum - people are going to vote in large numbers because there is a real sense that their votes might bring about some real change.