Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Fife Council Update (22/09/15)

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'In Through the Out Door' was the title to the eighth album by Led Zepplin, but the sentiment could be applied equally well to the Unison branch secretary in Fife, Linda Erskine, who retired after an 'emotional' evening in March 2012 - only to return as a Labour councillor a few weeks later at the 2012 council elections.

Linda is now the spokesperson for Fife Council on human resources which covers a wide ranging number of important issues including equal pay and job evaluation.

Here's an announcement which was posted at the time although I'm sure that readers will have noticed that within a matter of weeks the Unison branch secretary went from representing the interests of the workforce to representing those of the employer.

The Retirement of Linda Erskine

Photographs from the evening can be found here………