Monday, 26 October 2015

Falkirk Council Update (22/10/15)

Here are contact details for the political leadership of Falkirk Council - the councils Labour leader, Craig Martin, and his two deputies: Joan Paterson, another Labour councillor, and Malcolm Nicol, one of two Conservative councillors.

Falkirk also has a Provost (Labour) and Depute Provost (Conservative), so all the senior positions seem to have been taken by an unlikely Labour/Conservative coalition. 

What this all means for equal pay remains to be seen, but if a settlement of Falkirk's  outstanding claims is not reached soon, the only way to knock some sense into the council will be to turn up the heat on its elected councillors.

More information to follow soon including contact details for the opposition - the 13 SNP councillors and perhaps one or two independents who are not aligned to any party group.

A photograph of Councillor Craig Martin

Councillor Malcolm Nicol

A photograph of Councillor Malcolm Nicol

Baillie Joan Paterson

A photograph of Baillie Joan Paterson